The Bible of Daniel Parker

The bible owned by Daniel Parker is on display at the Elkhart State Bank in Elkhart, Texas. In it, in his own handwriting, Daniel recounts the births and deaths of his and other families and brings to life some of the Parker heritage. Included is the account of the massacre at Fort Parker. The photos below are of the bible and the text of the handwriting is presented.

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Full shot of book from left side.

Full shot of book from above.

Full shot of book from above.

Detail of left hand side.

Detail of right hand side.

p. 678

The age of Daniel and Parker children bore to him by Patsy Parker his wife.
Anny parker was born January the 5th day 1803.
Abigail Parker was born December the 2nd day 1804.
Sarah Parker was born February of the 1st day 1807.
John Parker was born in April the 13th day 1810.
Dickeson Parker was born May the 29th day 1812.
Daniel Parker was born June the 16th day 1814.
Phebe Parker was born November the 15th day 1816.
Benjamin Parker was born February the 18th day 1819.
Rachel Parker was born September the 27th 1821.
Isaac Parker was born April the 8th day 1824.
Caleb Parker was born September 16th, 1826.

Willis Parker son unto Abagail Parker was born February 26th 1821.
Daniel Crist son unto Stephen Crist and Anny his wife was born December the 8th day 1822.
Armsted Burnett son unto Miles Bennett and Rachel his wife was born the 18th day of December A.D. 1843 on Monday Evening about 8 ock.
- - - -
The age of Reubin Brown Children by Sally Parker now Sally Brown wife
Patsy Brown daughter to Reubin Brown and Sarah his wife was born the first day of June 1831.
Louisa Brown wayborn the 9th of December 1834.
John Brown was born 22 February 1837.
Daniel Parker Brown was born 18th day of March 1839.
p. 679
The age of Levin Dixon children had by Abagail his wife.
Sally Dixon was born in November 14th 1800.
Patsy Dixon was born February 27th 1805.
William? Dixon was born Februray 5th 1807.
Lurraney Dixon was born May 4th 1809.
Melindy Dixon was born August 12, 1811.
Richmond Dixon was born August 5, 1813.

The age of Benjamin Parkers children by Patsy Stewman.
Benjamin Parker was born August 15th, 1812 by Susannah his wife.
John Parker was born November 10th 1813.
Joseph Allen & Isaac Green Parker was born December the 22nd, 1815.
Polly Parker was born February 15th 1819.
Jesse Robertson Parker was born October 23, 1821.

Sarah Parker, wife of John Parker Senior and Mother of Daniel Parker Senior - died July 28 1824.
Patsy Brown daughter to Reubin Brown and Sally his wife died June 17th, 1834.
John Parker, Father of D. [Daniel] Parker (the owner of this book) and Benjamin W. and Silas M. Parker sons to the said John Parker and brothers to the said Daniel Parker was killed by the indians at Navasota? or Parker Fort in Texas on the 19th of May 1836.

Daniel Pakrer, the owner of this book died December 3rd, 1844. Patsy Parker (whose maiden name was Patsy Dickerson) died the 1st day of December 1846.
John Parker died July 30th 1869. He was the oldest son of Daniel Parker and Patsy Parker.